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All the teams are fully independent and they work separately on the different projects. The

structure is quite simple and all the employees reports to one person

In this model there are dedicated managers/leaders for each main specialization, "renting" their people for particular projects led by product/project managers, who formally or informally buy the people and pay for their time. This leads to each private employee having two bosses – the product/project manager and the specialized "resource" manager. On one hand it optimizes the usage of human resources, on the other hand it may give rise to conflicts about which one manager has priority in the structure.

There are also a number of variants of these structures, and a number of organizations have this structure spread and split within various departments and units.


  • No Ashok


    a typical day is to come and clean the store front and whatever else management would like done as await customers to enter the store. wait to be told im doing a good job with nothing to show for it

  • Produce associate Deepak


    Daily i would break down pallets that had been delivered and ensure that the stock was rotated to ensure the new items were placed behind those that had been there. In addition, I would ensure that the produce area of the store was stocked and any spoiled produce was removed. Because we had limited interaction with the customers, we were looked at more as a necessary evil rather than a integral member of the team. I got a sense of accomplishment by having all produce stored prior to the end of my shift.