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A number of organizations are focused on reaching the optimum level of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM), where "optimum" does not necessarily mean the highest. There are also other systems such as Carnegie-Mellon University's SEMA, or particular ISO standards.

Small software companies will sometimes use less formalized approaches. Each organization works out its own style, which lies somewhere between total technocracy (where all is defined by numbers) and total anarchy (where there are no numbers at all).

Whichever way the organization goes, they consider the pyramid describing the cost and risk of introducing change to already-begun development processes:


  • Detailed and strong origantional skills a must annop


    Fast pace multitasking work environment. You might have to bake label clean and stock as you go in a average day. You learn strong organizational skills and to prepare everything you need before you start a project. Management utilizes the sandwich technique. Say some positive add in the situation and then finish with something positive. job is not difficult stay focused and organized you will do great. family like environment every one always willing to help even management will roll up their sleeves and work next to you.

  • Seeing a smile on a satisfied members face and knowing how to deal with an angry dissatisfied member krishan


    A typical work day may change ,if they shortage of workers in certain areas, but as long as we worked as a team we got the job done in an adequate time.I gained alot skills as an associate working for this company I can operate a register,take phone orders , operate pizza oven,rotisserie oven,label food products, grind and wrap meat ,keep data of the temperature on raw and cooked foods,operate in

  • Terrible Uttam


    Overall job was terrible. Be prepared to be around a toxic environment with little to no training when you first start. The job itself was tiring, but the weather is what made it even worst. Not only that, but you had to help customers with carry outs and it would make you fall behind even more because most of the time you're the only one out there. Management didn't care about my school schedule, and would put me on the schedule when I clearly told them I couldn't work those days. This job will only be good if you are looking for your first job, other than that try to find something better because you are expecting to day way more for what they pay you. I wouldn't recommend this job to anyone.